Private lessons and Reformer Classes available

Pilates and slings

About Pilates and Slings

Pilates gives you an excellent understanding of postural alignment and core stability whilst giving you a sense of strength, length and stamina. Pilates is a wonderful compliment to rehabilitation and a versatile exercise method for people of all levels and abilities.

The Slings exercises trains our Fascial system . When we get aches and pains it's usually our fascial system signalling to us. Imagine if you can train the very thing that causes you pain and discomfort bringing more ease in your body. Fascia responds to gliding, bouncy, rhythmic, melting movements which contribute to a feeling of inner poise and all over stability.  Besides exercises developed especially for Slings, the training consists of adapted exercises from Yoga, Pilates and other therapeutic approaches to the body in movement. I am proud to also be an Educator for Anatomy Trains in Motion representing both Art of Motion and Anatomy Trains.


On Demand - £20 per month subscription, no contract.

Private Lessons

£50 for Pre-Class Assessment - a detailed assessment about your needs and teaching you the basics. This assessment is essential if you have no experience or are rejoining pilates after some absence.


Private Lessons


£60 per Private lesson

£300 for 6 lessons (£50 per lesson)

Reformer Classes:


£150 for 6 lessons (£25)