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An estimated 141.1million working days were lost because of sickness or injury in the UK in 2018, the equivalent of 4.4 days per worker (Office of National Statistics, UK Labour Market 2018).


The top reasons are - minor Illnesses, musculoskeletal problems and mental health.


3 million people are estimated to be taking long-term sick leave or say they are unable to work due to back pain.


Two-thirds of workers feel that they are not supported in the workplace due to lack of provision (Nuffield Health - HR Review).


Imagine what these figures would be in 2020/21?

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Preventative Tool

Many of the days lost to sickness or injury can be helped by simply keeping active. Movement really is the best medicine for mind and body and it is also a preventative tool to sickness that can be easily accessible to you and your staff. 


Move at your Desk gives you this preventative tool.  An easily accessible service that enables your staff to move more at their desks making movement part of their daily life and not a chore. They don't need to take time away from their desks, which is what people should be doing but don't. Neck, shoulder, back and hip pain are the main musculoskeletal outcomes of sitting at a desk. These issues can be relieved extremely easily by regular balanced movement and good postural alignment taught by an expert in their field. Having good posture is not enough. Encouraging people to take a break every hour or go for a lunchtime walk is not enough. People go back to their desks and assume bad habits again. We need to break habits.


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