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On Demand

Targeted videos & programmes to optimise your body

Manage your niggles, lessen your aches and pains. You don’t need hours, only minutes. Get your Pilates fix to lessen injury, increase strength and mobility, and release tension and stress. I want to help to optimise your body's potential, helping you be more resilient to tackle your day or sporting activity.

On Demand Programmes

  • Healthy Backs Programme

  • Running Programme

  • Small Equipment Classes

  • Sports Specific Classes - Tennis, Golf, Cycling

  • Clam Space

  • Move at your Desk

  • Zoom Classes 

My On Demand Videos are clear and concise, giving you precise details of how to initiate a move and which muscles you might be activating or in focus. I also like giving the why, which is so important in engraining positive movement patterns in your body.  


Videos range from 15-60 minutes but many are 15-20 minutes long. This suits busy individuals for example who want to fit in a session before work or when a small window opens between looking after children. However, I do have longer videos when you just want to get a good workout and a bit of a sweat on.

Live Class

For those who need some accountability and prefer a live class, then I have a Friday lunchtime class open to all on Zoom (12:30-1:15pm), where I keep an eye on your form and we work hard but have a good laugh. A recording is sent if you can't make it.​


Choice of Classes...


Move with Anaya On Demand service has a huge choice of classes ranging from 15 minutes to 1 hour which you can access even at your desk or on the go via the MWA App.


For £15 per month you can become more mobile and stronger, fitter for life and sport.

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