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Strength ... flexibility ... balance

Stronger & Fitter for Life and Sport

I am passionate about movement and its far reaching effects on both our physical and mental well-being. Pilates has helped me overcome a serious back injury and I use this experience and my specialist qualifications to help others lessen injuries, decrease pain and move more.

I teach a combination of Pilates, Functional, Rehab and Fascial Fitness. When we get aches and pains it's usually our fascial system signalling to us. Imagine if you can train the very thing that causes you pain and discomfort bringing more ease and a spring in your step. 

Through my private practice and fully equipped studio in Hurstpierpoint, I can give you the best possible care and attention formulating a bespoke programme for you. You can also train with me via my On Demand & Live class offering, where I keep my beady eye on you on the other side of the screen.

Looking forward to helping you have a well oiled and nourished body so you can get on with your day feeling more resilient. 


Pilates, Rehab & Functional Fitness

On Demand

Find a moment for you and enjoy one of my many on demand videos.

Private Lessons

Join me for face-to-face mat & reformer classes in my well equipped studio.

Work Related

Bespoke pilates for maximum health and wellbeing for your staff.

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